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How You Can Help

There are three easy ways you can help A Simple Gesture: Ashland.

You can...

Be A Food Donor

Get a blue donation bag for your household, fill it with donated items, and leave it out to be collected by our volunteer drivers.

Tip: Each week when you go shopping, buy one extra non-perishable food item and place it in your Simple Gesture bag. By the pick-up date, your bag will be full

Be A Driver

On collection day, drivers will pick up bags from approximately 15 households and deliver them to the designated bag drop location. (Approximately 2 hours)


Make it a fun event by enlisting your family or a friend to help out. You can drive while they run and grab the donation bag at each house. 

Be A Sorter 



On collection day, unpack the donation bags as they arrive, then check expiration dates and help organize the food for the Food Pantry. (Approximately 2 hours)

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